It's like sneaking cocktails into art class....
It's like sneaking cocktails into art class....

Kids' Parties

Kids of all ages love to paint! Our painting choices for children allow for some creativity of their own. Most of our paintings for kids let them choose colors, design elements and more. Our instructors are experienced with teaching children, so the atmosphere is fun, but contained!


Ages - 8 -16

Parties of 8 children or less: $180.00

each additional guest is $20.


Parties are for one and a half hours, plus about a half hour for set up and take down. We bring a tarp to cover any floor coverings as necessary. Older children (13 and above) can choose from any of our paintings. Deptending on the design you choose and age of child, some canvases size vary from 11 x 14 to 12 x 16 to 12 x 20.



Kids' Designs

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